Designed to treat swimming pool and spa's and many other applications with flows of up to 100 gallons per minute. The CAG120PVCA is your answer to cryptosporidium control and chloramines destruction in commercial pools, spa's and other applications.
The CAG120PVCA uses low pressure high output amalgam lamp technology to achieve a 4 log reduction for cryptosporidium and other similar pathogens in water. The CAG120PVCA offers additional killing power due to a highly polished and reflective interior 316L stainless steel lining. A science we have used for 20 plus years. 
The CAG120PVCA is designed and built to work in freshwater and saltwater pools, fracking water low-flow sewage, fountains, spas, ponds, zoos, aquariums, and many other applications.
Tech Specs:
120 watt
Liner 316-L stainless steel
Flow Rate (gpm) > ~100 gallons per minute